Koi Pond

A Coy Card Game

2-4 Players | 20 Minutes | Ages 10+

KOI POND is a fast, brainy, casual strategy game. Collect colorful koi fish and place them in your pond or your house. Keep your pond and house totals as equal as you can, because you only score points for the lower total! What’s more, your pond is public, but your house is secret. To win, you have to be... coy!

"Koi Pond is a very clever and beautiful game. The unique scoring algorithms add weight to every decision, yet avoids feeling bogged down." — Adam B.

"Anyone who likes a good, competitive game with hard choices will love this." — Jonathan L. B.

"Great art. High quality cards. Fun, simple game, with engaging strategy." — Simon W.

Above Average Fun

When you have a big problem, summon the pilgrims!
...They mean well.

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is a slapstick fantasy storytelling game inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Little Prince. In a universe full of troubles, the Pilgrims of the Flying Temple fly to the rescue... and get into their own trouble along the way.

“A beautifully illustrated, amazingly structured and wonderfully imaginative universe. ” »
“5/5 Stars. One of the highest quality products I've seen in a long time. ” »

Gifted & Talented Games

Roll the Dice! Create the story!

Happy Birthday, Robot! is a storytelling game for families and classrooms. Players take turns writing the story of Robot's birthday, but you never know how many words you'll get to write. How much can you say in four words? How about three? What will Robot's birthday be like? Will Robot meet new friends? You decide – one roll at a time!

“Happy Birthday Robot is the only game that sits on my desk at work, and that includes the ones I publish.” » James Wallis
Ennie Nominated:
Best New Game
Best Production Values
Product of the Year